About Us

Two Mothers on a mission

to bring yoga and mindfulness into every household and classroom in the Middle East. We are invested in building a future for our children and those around the world, through enhancing their mental well-being, raising conscientious children and investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

What We Do

We are a mental well-being consultancy for families, educational institutions and healthcare providers.
Apart from training teachers and staff to bring social emotional health into their classroom with the help of our framework 'The Complete SchoolKit', we also deliver hands on workshops to parents and staff on Mindful Parenting, and mental health talks to teenagers.

We are the UAE's first and only mental well-being store for families and children and our product selection helps us spread yoga and mindfulness into as many homes and classrooms as possible.

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  • Kate Sheikh

    Kate is a family and children's yoga and mindfulness teacher and the Founder and Co-Ceo of YogaMagic LLC and Mother of two yoga babies.

  • Lauren Butcher

    Lauren is a Mindfulness Coach, Creator of Mini Mindfuls, and Co-Ceo of YogaMagic LLC and Mother of two mindful monkeys.

  • Callum, Aiden, Annika & Lyla

    Chief Product Testers for all YogaMagic Products and Brands

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